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Matöppet väljer obemannad handel

A modern food chain for a sustainable future

Matöppet is a Swedish food chain that has grown over the years and become a popular player on the Swedish market. With a strong anchoring in the local community and a wide range of quality products, Matöppet has established itself as a reliable and appreciated retail chain. In this article, we will examine Matöppet’s background, their focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction, and how the chain is developing to meet the challenges of the future.

Background and basic idea

Matöppet was founded in 1993 and since then has focused on offering customers a wide range of products, with an emphasis on quality and affordability. The chain today has over 100 stores around Sweden and continues to expand. Matöppet is part of the Axfood group, which means that the chain can benefit from the resources and the network within the group.

Sustainability and customer satisfaction in focus

Matöppet has always prioritized customer satisfaction and sustainability in its work. The stores invest in offering organic and locally produced goods as far as possible, which contributes to a more sustainable food chain and reduced climate impact. The chain also has a strong focus on minimizing food waste and encourages customers to recycle packaging and bags.

To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, Matöppet has great commitment to its customers and adapts its range to local needs and wishes. This creates a personal and welcoming atmosphere in the stores, where customers feel seen and appreciated.

Development and future

In order to meet the challenges of the future and remain a competitive player in the market, Matöppet is constantly developing its stores and services. Digitization and the growth of e-commerce have meant that Matöppet also invests in offering flexible solutions for online shopping. Customers can easily order their items online and either have them delivered directly to their door or pick them up at their local store.

Unmanned trade

Matöppet chooses HonestBox as technical supplier for unmanned trade and passage.

As one of several chains, Matöppet has chosen us to supply all the technology needed for unmanned commerce and for their unmanned stores.

Matöppet is part of Dagab and there are about 50 stores around Sweden.

Are you a trader who has a Matöppet – contact us or Matöppet directly to discuss further how you can get started with unmanned.