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Identify who you are letting in

In our passage system, you decide who to let in and how. Perhaps the customer must identify himself with BankID or Norwegian BankID. Maybe you require a valid email address or a valid phone number. Only pre-approved people maybe? You choose yourself.

Different methods to identify the customer

The most powerful thing about our passage system is all the different ways you can identify your customers. Customers have different conditions, background and perhaps nationality. We want to be able to offer an identification method for all customers. We are constantly expanding with more methods. As a customer, you choose which method(s) you want to support.

Today we can i.a. identify with the following:


Our customers are mainly in Sweden, so of course we have support for Swedish BankID, which so many people use on a daily basis.

Danish BankID / MitID

To identify our neighbors to the south, you activate Denmark’s equivalent to our own BankID, i.e. MitID.

Norwegian BankID

Same with Norway.

Finskt BankID

Same with Finland.

Smart ID in the Baltics

Customers from the Baltic countries can use their own identification Smart ID.


The easiest way that works for anyone who has a mobile phone. The customer enters their mobile phone number, receives an SMS with a code, the customer enters the code and after that they are logged in.

Face recognition with ID document

The customer takes a card on their ID document – which can be basically any ID document in the world. After that, the customer’s face is scanned. Within seconds, the ID document has been analyzed and compared to the customer’s face to ensure that they match. This solution makes it possible for you to identify a customer from anywhere in the world.


Additional identification

In addition to the customer having identified their identity, you as a store owner can require that the customer also enter a valid telephone number and/or a valid e-mail address. This is so that you can gain additional customer knowledge about the customers you let into your unmanned store.