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We identify your customers and let them into the premises by controlling a lock. Your customers use self-scanning with a mobile phone or ATM. Your customers normally pay with Swish or card.

Unmanned farm shop

Is it really possible to start an unmanned farm shop? Yes absolutely. Today, we have a number of customers who are classic farm shops with self-produced goods – with the big difference that they are normally unmanned – staffless.

We help you get started. HonestBox is your supplier of all the technology you need to run your unmanned farm shop. Contact us and we will explain more.

Farm shops – Tradition and innovation in the local agricultural landscape

Farm shops are an important part of the agricultural landscape and offer consumers the opportunity to purchase locally produced produce directly from the producer. They have recently increased in popularity thanks to a growing demand for sustainable and organic foods as well as an increased interest in supporting local economies. In this article we will explore what farm shops offer, how they drive their sales and what role they play in the Swedish food industry.

The farm shops' range

Farm shops offer a range of different products, depending on what the farm produces and what collaborations it has with other local producers.

Examples of products that can be found in a farm store include:

  1. Fruits and vegetables – Fresh, seasonal harvests of fruits and vegetables are one of the biggest attractions of farm shops. Consumers value the opportunity to buy organic and locally produced raw materials directly from the grower.
  2. Meat and charcuterie – Many farm shops sell meat from their own animals, giving consumers the opportunity to purchase high quality and ethically produced meat products.
  3. Dairy products – Farm stores that have dairy cows or goats often offer fresh dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, and butter.
  4. Honey, jam and juice – Farm shops with beekeeping or fruit growing can offer honey, jam and juice from their own ingredients.
  5. Breads and Pastries – Some farm shops have a bakery where they bake breads and pastries using ingredients from the farm or other local sources.
  6. Crafts and gifts – Farm shops may also offer crafts and gifts, such as ceramics, textiles and art, often created by local artisans.

Sales strategies

To run a successful farm shop, it is important to have a well-thought-out sales strategy.

Some common sales strategies include:

  1. Seasonal Deals – Offering special prices on seasonal produce is a common strategy to attract customers and sell products that are available in large quantities.
  2. Collaboration with other producers – By collaborating with other local producers, farm shops can offer a wider range of products and attract more customers.

A modern farm shop now also has unmanned trade. Several have already discovered HonestBox and are now using technology from HonestBox to run their unmanned store.