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Can you get support to start an unmanned store?

Depending on where you live, you may receive support. One tip is to talk to the Swedish Agricultural Agency. See more here: https://jordbruksverket.se/stod/service-och-satsningar-pa-landsbygden/kommersiell-och-offentlig-service

Can you manage the store yourself?

Absolutely. The interface is built so that you can do everything yourself.

Do you sell ready-made refrigerators?

Absolutely! Stylish and modern refrigerators are delivered complete with lock controls – just plug into the wall and start selling.

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What about thefts?

This is less of a problem than you might think. We have polled our customers and loss due to theft is well under 1%, which is below the industry average. The reason for this is likely that many shops have camera surveillance which, in combination with BankID, makes it easy to follow up any problems.

How does an unmanned store work with HonestBox technology?

The customer scans a QR code to start BankID. After identification, you can open the door and step inside. Once inside, the customer can self-scan with a mobile phone or an express checkout is used. The goods are paid either over the phone or at the cash register with Swish or card. Soon also Google Pay and Apple Pay.

What does it cost?

Our solutions cost a little differently, depending on what you want. The absolute best thing is to contact us and we will count on your solution and your needs!

How do I troubleshoot?

Sometimes there are problems. We have collected a number of documents and troubleshooting guides. Log in to HonestBox and read under Support and documentation and you will surely find what you are looking for.