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Increase service with unmanned systems

Make it easier for yourself but also for your camping guests with unmanned systems. With our various solutions, you can make the stay even better for your guests. Offer them the opportunity to shop around the clock. We all know the sweet tooth that often creeps up in the evenings or when the need for diapers becomes urgent, then it is an extended service to be able to shop around the clock.

Vending machine

Place vending machines on the campsite and fill them with things that your guests might need. We offer both refrigerators and freezers that are connected to the same system.

Hybrid or unmanned store

During the days it is possible to be open with staff “as usual”. Some customers appreciate the physical meeting and the opportunity to ask questions and get help, while others want to shop later and manage on their own. With a hybrid store, you create a solution that suits everyone and maximize your sales opportunities.


What many people don’t think about is that HonestBox can help with passage, locking and unlocking doors. For example, we can control toilets, showers and laundry rooms with our systems. This is a huge help for you who run a campsite. You can keep track of those who unlock with different identification solutions and thus have access to information about your guests in case it is stolen or vandalized.

Different solutions

As you can see, HonestBox can help with various things. What suits you and your business? Contact us for more information and to brainstorm ideas.