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Leader in hybrid and fully unmanned trading since 2015.

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In 2015, we opened Sweden’s first unmanned store. Since then, we’ve helped over 600 stores transition to unmanned.

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Several retail chains have chosen HonestBox as a supplier for their unmanned stores, hybrid stores and vending machines.

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Magnus Berglund

Magnus Berglund

CEO and co-owner

Raymond Arvidsson

Raymond Arvidsson

CTO and co-owner

Amanda Nordh

Amanda Nordh

Customer manager

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HonestBox history

After opening Sweden’s first unmanned store in 2015, we have today helped over 600 customers to start or convert to unmanned trade.

In 2019, we started The Honest Box of Sweden AB, i.e. HonestBox. We started with vending machines that we operated ourselves. But after about 6 months we realized that we would rather sell our technology to whoever wants to run vending machines or unmanned stores. It was the start of a fantastic journey with new customers in all possible industries and locations.

Today, you can find shops and vending machines in over 600 locations in, among others, Sweden, Denmark, USA and Finland. We are of course incredibly proud of that!