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Varuautomat från HonestBox

A fully loaded mini-store with everything your employees need. From breakfast sandwiches and lunches to snacks and drinks. You choose the content, your employees shop and we take care of the technology.

Our vending machines

varuautomat borstat stål
varuautomat svart
varuautomat med logotyp
dubbel varuautomat med logotyp
Vending machines

Buy vending machines for the office

Let modern refrigerator solutions replace old, boring screw appliances in, for example, workplaces. With openable cabinets, you give customers an opportunity to look at the product before they strike. This improves the customer experience and increases the average receipt. If you don't want or don't have the opportunity to buy your vending machine, you can rent it from us. We offer you everything you need to build your own vending machine. It includes locks and a mobile solution that does not require downloading any app. The customer can get started in seconds and handles both trading and payment directly on the phone. Fast, flexible, modern.

Scanna i mobilen

This is how customers shop

Customers start the process by scanning a QR code. After that, they identify themselves with, for example, BankID. The system then opens a view in the customer's mobile phone where they can unlock the door and shop. When customers have finished shopping, they can pay with Swish or card directly on the phone. No app needed. The money ends up directly in your accounts and does not go through HonestBox.


Lease or buy vending machines

As with so much else, there are of course advantages and disadvantages to everything. Buying your vending machine yourself is a simple option, but perhaps not feasible for you. A better option might be to lease the vending machine. Contact us and we will help you with the financing.

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Säkerhet och uppföljning

Take care of everything yourself

You manage our vending machines via a web interface. There you can add products, see sales over time, enter order points, set opening hours and much more. You never need to contact HonestBox to make any settings. If you have questions, you can of course contact us and we will answer them.

Olika typer

Mat på jobbet
Food at work
Dryck och snacks på gymmet
Drinks and snacks at the gym

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Vending machines at work