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Unmanned store

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It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or what goods you sell. We take care of your unmanned store regardless. With our experience since 2015, we can promise you that we have helped most people. We help you start your unmanned store – or perhaps convert an existing store into a hybrid store.

  • We identify who your customers are
  • We control the lock in the door for those who are welcome
  • Your customers shop with self-scanning or scan & go
  • Your customers pay with swish or card

It doesn’t have to be a grocery store

Many unmanned stores around Sweden sell food and groceries. But our technology can handle any type of goods. So what kind of products exactly do you want to sell? Contact us and we’ll help you get started!

There is always a need for food, sweets and soft drinks – around the clock. So that it was food and vending machines that run unmanned is probably not so strange. But we are only at the beginning of the era around unmanned stores so soon we will see the technology used in most areas. We, HonestBox, already have customers today who use the unmanned technology to e.g. allow their customers to wash their dogs. Customers can buy screws, nails, tools and other building materials in a hardware store. In padel halls, we find both padel racket rentals and sales of all kinds of accessories for padel players in particular. Golfers can buy new balls on hole 9 if they happen to hit too far into the rough or into a water hole. Or why not rent a kayak or SUP completely unmanned and then take a turn on the river. It is not the technology surrounding unmanned vehicles that sets the limitations, but rather the imagination – and daring. Get in touch if you fancy a new idea and we’ll help you get started!

We make it easier to get started

The trend of unmanned stores – shops without staff – is here to stay. More and more people see the possibilities of small kiosks to serve customers both centrally and out in the countryside. We make it easier to get started.

HonestBox has been working with unmanned stores since 2015 when we started the world sensation Näraffär in Viken, north of Helsingborg. Since then, we have been involved in developing concepts in China, the USA and several European countries.

After boiling down all the lessons learned, we have come up with the easiest way to create a fantastic customer journey in an unmanned store. No downloaded apps, quick in and out, low price for the merchant. Technology should be a support, not an expensive obstacle.

Please read more in detail about how to start an unmanned store.

Our customers run unmanned grocery stores

Today, we have customers in several different industries. Second only to modern vending machines, the most common are unmanned stores. A traditional grocery store that you recognize from the local neighborhood store or similar – the difference is that it has no checkout staff – it is unmanned.

Some of our customers have even made it a little smarter as they have staffed the cashier and cashier staff during regular opening hours. When it becomes evening or the weekend, you close the shop and go home. When customers come to shop, the customer identifies himself and then shops alone in the now unmanned grocery store, shoe store or whatever type of store it is.

Unmanned is still a bit scary for some customers and then it is perfect that you can shop just like in a normal store during the day and those who are more comfortable with unmanned can shop at any time of the day.

We hope to see more than grocery stores operated with our unmanned technology. For example. Today we have a customer who has a dog wash but sells associated products. It was something we didn’t know existed before we came into contact with the customer for the first time. This type of business is made possible by unmanned technology from HonestBox and we hope to see more unexpected uses.

Of course we like that you can run a grocery store unmanned, but we can’t hide our interest in the unexpected…


We have run an unmanned store ourselves

In 2015, we opened an unmanned store in Viken outside Helsingborg. We would probably like to claim that this was the world’s first unmanned app-powered grocery store. At that time we used app to identify, control the door and shop with. Today, everything is web-based, so the customer is up and running in seconds.

It was a good experience to run an unmanned store ourselves. We learned a lot that we take with us today when we help our customers get started with their stores.