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scan and go

The scanning of the future

There have been various solutions to help customers complete their transactions on their own for many years. Self-scanning with special devices has become a common sight in all the big stores. ICA, Coop and Citygross are three examples of chains that were early adopters of the technology in their larger concepts.

The cost has made it difficult for small shops to keep up. A single hand scanner can cost several thousand Swedish kroner and on top of that there is an expensive system and a charging facility. It is also difficult to adjust the number. In order for no customer to be lost, the store must optimize for the maximum number of simultaneous customers.

Self-scanning on the customer’s mobile phone

Now it is a completely different time. Even the budget phones have evolved in recent years with amazing cameras. The technology has also been developed so that it is possible to run the entire program on a web page. This is done by HonestBox, for example. This means that the customer does not need to download an app. Instead, the customer just scans a so-called QR code to get started.

Once started, the customer can scan a barcode, a QR code or simply search and click on the screen. Which customer journey is most appropriate is influenced by where it is used. In a store with 10,000 products, barcodes are best. Farm shops may prefer to work with pictures. The hardware store has something to gain from using QR codes. Many choose to combine all variants.

The technology works equally well for unmanned trade as a complement in manned stores. The customers who choose not to use the technology get shorter queues thanks to other customers driving with their phones. The trader gets a better throughput and does not lose any customers who would otherwise be discouraged by the queues. It is a win-win concept for all parties.

A handful of thousands to get started

As mentioned earlier, cost is one of the most important reasons to look at Scan&Go. Often it’s a matter of a handful of thousand to get started and a hundred per month to keep it going. In many cases, this corresponds to the cost of a single hand scanner, whose function the trader must also pay for.

All this said, the dedicated terminals are ergonomically better in situations where customers will be shopping for many items. The handle actually makes a difference. If you are going to scan more than a handful of different goods, it is better to use custom devices rather than Scan&Go. In that case, it is easiest and cheapest to have cash registers. It keeps down the number of units and thus the cost.

No matter which solution you choose, HonestBox can help you. We like Scan&Go but understand that there are situations where other options are better. Especially for larger stores, our express checkout can be a better alternative than a Scan&Go solution. If you are interested, or just have questions – don’t hesitate to get in touch for a discussion.