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Obemannade lösningar har tagit Sverige med storm

From being a niche product as recently as 2018, we today have several different chains and over a hundred independent stores around the country. The habit among customers has also increased. Many have tried shopping unmanned at least once.

The next natural step in development is hybrid stores

They are also known as semi-unmanned or semi-manned, but it is hybrid that best describes what it is about. Instead of running a store with no on-site staff, the store owners combine the best of both worlds.

Staff on location

With staff on site, it is excellent to sell, for example, tobacco, medicines and games with full control that they end up in the right hands. Parcel delivery is also something that happens more easily with people on site, despite the popularity of the many parcel lockers. In addition, human staff can of course do what humans do best – communicate with customers in a personal way.

Extended service

What technology adds is enhanced service

Instead of closing at one o’clock on a Sunday, it is possible to be open all day – and night too, if you want. This means that the slow, expensive hours that would otherwise be unsustainable can be handled by technology. There will be slightly fewer opportunities for customers who want folk beer, but they can buy milk, bread and cheese without any problems.

Hybrid stores often also use technology for unmanned day trading as well. By activating Scan&Go, self-scanning on the phone, and express checkouts, customers who are in a hurry can manage their shopping themselves. This gives the staff more time to assist customers who need more help. Simply a winning concept for all parties.

Hybrid stores will become more common

There is no doubt that hybrid solutions will become more common. Since the store usually already exists, it is a small investment that can quickly result in big profits. Both independents and chains have picked up on this and it’s only a matter of time until all the mainstream concepts offer it.

In concrete terms, an existing trader only needs to get an electric lock to be able to open the door, blinds to lock down goods that cannot be sold unmanned and possibly reinforce with a few more cameras. Everything else is usually already in place, so getting started is relatively easy.

The investment differs from store to store, but those who have had time to get started testify that the investment pays off in a handful of months in the form of increased sales. That bag of chips and coke sold late on Sunday night is pure profit, because otherwise it would have been closed.

Added value for existing customers

Perhaps the most important reason to look more closely at hybrid stores is that it creates great added value for existing customers, as well as attracting new ones. Being able to shop when it suits you, rather than when it suits the merchant, is very valuable. It is especially appreciated by those who work unusual hours.

To summarize, hybrid stores are simply a way to enhance the offer to the end customer. Instead of building a special store for unmanned people, the retailer goes a step further and combines staffing with technology. A perfect combination that benefits everyone in the equation.

Contact HonestBox for assistance

If you’re interested, HonestBox has everything you need to convert your existing store into a hybrid store. If you would rather start a hybrid solution from scratch, we can of course help with that too. The tip is to do it as soon as possible, so that the neighboring store does not take the initiative before you and attract your regular customers.