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Handlar´n väljer obemannad handel

Part of Axfood Närlivs

Handlar’n is a popular and well-known store chain that offers a wide range of goods and services. These stores have established themselves as an important part of many communities and cities around the country. With its focus on customer service and local involvement, Handlar’n has become a popular destination for people seeking convenience and quality.

In Handlar’n stores you often find a varied range of daily goods, including fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products and bread. In addition, a selection of packaged foods and household items is also offered.

What often distinguishes Handlar’n from larger, international chains is the personal commitment and the local connection that the stores have. Many Handlar’n stores are owned and operated by local entrepreneurs, which creates a sense of community and togetherness. This commitment to the local community is often shown through support for local events and associations as well as by offering job opportunities in the area.

In addition to daily goods, Handlar’n stores can also offer other services such as postal services, pharmacy deliveries and sometimes even simpler restaurant or café operations. This makes them a convenient place to visit for various needs.

Handlar’n chooses HonestBox as technical supplier for unmanned trade and passage.