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Direkten väljer obemannad handel

A Swedish store concept with a local presence

Direkten is a prominent store chain in Sweden that is characterized by its wide range and local presence. The chain is known for its variety of services and products that include everything from groceries and household items to games and tobacco. In this article, we will explore Direkten’s history, business model, benefits, and challenges, as well as how the company has adapted to the ever-changing retail market.

History and expansion

Directen was started in the 1990s as a collaborative project between a number of local stores and the gambling company Svenska Spel. The purpose of the collaboration was to create a store chain that offered a wide range of products and services with a clear local character. Over the years, Direkten has expanded rapidly and is today represented in large parts of Sweden. The company is today one of the most well-known store chains in the country and has around 300 stores in its network.

Business model

Direkten’s business model is based on a combination of a strong local presence and a broad product portfolio. The company focuses on offering its customers a convenient and accessible shopping experience by placing its stores near residential areas and workplaces. The stores are often smaller than the stores of the large grocery chains and have a more personal atmosphere, which creates a sense of belonging and community among the customers.

Another important aspect of Direkten’s business model is its close collaboration with Svenska Spel. Direkten offers a range of different gaming products, such as Lotto, Triss and Keno and also has a partnership with ATG to offer betting on horses. This helps to attract customers who are not only interested in shopping for groceries, but who are also interested in gaming.

Advantages and challenges for Direkten

Direkten’s proximity to customers and the wide range of products and services are some of the main advantages of the chain. Customers appreciate the opportunity to shop for their daily needs and at the same time take part in exciting games and entertainment. In addition, customers can count on receiving personal service and help from knowledgeable store employees.

At the same time, Direkten faces challenges as a result of the rapidly growing e-commerce and competition from larger food chains.

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