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13 April 2024

HonestBox is taking the US by storm

10 stores and another 50-100 in sight during 2024

Stockholm, April 11, 2024 – The Swedish technology company for unmanned stores HonestBox is expanding strongly in the United States. With 10 new stores in operation and monthly growth, the future looks bright.

“The market in the US is huge, and HonestBox’s technology seems to be something that store owners in the US can really enjoy. We believe in a growth of 50-100 stores in the US in 2024,” says CEO Magnus Berglund.

HonestBox’s concept is simple: The customer uses his mobile phone to identify himself with one of HonestBox’s identification solutions. The customer then unlocks stores and stores via their mobile phone or in an ATM. Payment takes place via the selected payment solution, e.g. with the customer’s mobile phone or through a card reader. The system contains functions that make it possible to control who comes in and out. This model has proven popular with customers in Sweden, and now HonestBox is looking forward to taking its success to the US.

“We are convinced that HonestBox can revolutionize the way people shop in the US. Our technology is easy to use, practical and efficient,” says CEO Magnus Berglund.

HonestBox’s expansion to the USA is clear proof that HonestBox is a force to be reckoned with in the global retail trade.


Magnus Berglund, CEO