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HonestBox makes physical shoping open around the clock – with the help of BankID

23 January 2024

HonestBox makes physical shoping open around the clock – with the help of BankID



By using BankID to identify customers when entering and exiting unmanned stores and to link customers to purchases, more stores can remain open even after the staff have gone home.

Since 2015, HonestBox has helped retail chains set up unmanned stores, hybrid stores and vending machines. With their solution, physical stores can compete with e-commerce by allowing customers to shop even when the staff have gone home.

– E-commerce has a strong hold on commerce today because there is 24/7 online service. We wanted to help companies, large and small, to be able to offer the same type of accessibility in their stores, says Magnus Berglund, CEO at HonestBox.

Keep track of who is shopping in the store

An important part of HonestBox’s solution is being able to ensure who visits and shops in the stores. Traders need to keep track of who comes and goes even when the staff is not on site, both because of the risk of theft and for the safety of the customers. Therefore, HonestBox uses BankID both at entry and exit as well as at the ATM to link the customer to the purchase.

– To be able to keep a store open even after the staff has gone home, we must be able to identify the store’s visitors in a smooth and safe way. Then BankID became an obvious choice for us. Partly because BankID as identification is familiar and smooth for the user and his experience, partly because it was easy to implement the BankID service in our technical solution, says Magnus.

HonestBox BankID


Increases sales opportunities

A major sales challenge for stores has been accessibility versus profitability. Many shops want to be able to offer longer opening hours, but the cost of staff has been too high in relation to the number of visits during these hours.

– Idag finns det en stor efterfrågan på utökade öppettider hos butiker, men hittills har det sällan varit lönsamt eftersom bland annat personalkostnaderna har blivit för höga, säger Magnus.

Handlare behöver inte längre välja. Med HonestBox och BankID kan butikerna erbjuda försäljning under mer generösa tider.

“HonestBox lösning har ökat försäljningen upp till 30% i våra butiker samt skapat en bättre framtid för butikerna”

– Christoffer Granberg, Försäljningschef Menigo

Enkelt att komma igång – både som butik och användare

Istället för att skapa en egen inloggningsmetod har HonestBox använt sig av BankID som identifieringstjänst, viket är en fördel både för butikerna och kunderna.

– Eftersom att majoriteten av svenska folket har BankID har det varit smidigt för både användare och butiksägare att komma igång med tjänsten. Det är en fördel när vi tillsammans med våra kunder introducerar tjänsten på marknaden.

Även för handel utanför Sverige

HonestBox finns också utanför Sverige. Idag finns deras lösning tillgänglig i sju länder, och fler planeras. Eftersom HonestBox använder sig av BankID som identifieringslösning kan svenskar handla på obemannade butiker även utomlands. Allt de behöver göra för att komma in är att identifiera sig med sitt BankID, precis som hemma.

Länk till BankID´s artikel: https://www.bankid.com/foretag/kundcase/honestbox

21 December 2023

HonestBox and Wave begin cooperation


HonestBox and Wave begin collaboration to facilitate the transition to hybrid stores

Europe’s leading software for hybrid stores, HonestBox, and Wave have started a collaboration to make it easier for stores to convert to hybrid stores.

Through this partnership, HonestBox will serve as a key component and form an integral part of Wave. This enables Wave customers to easily and efficiently convert their stores into unmanned units. HonestBox will deliver an end-to-end solution for self-service, transit and security.

“HonestBox is the leading player in unmanned commerce, and their well-integrated and user-friendly solutions make this collaboration possible. Together, we can offer our customers a complete and seamless hybrid solution for the stores,” says Dick Lundqvist, Business Area Manager at Wave.

“Wave is a popular checkout system used by many stores in Sweden. We are convinced that this collaboration will open up opportunities for even more stores to benefit from the advantages of the hybrid concept,” says Magnus Berglund, CEO & co-owner of HonestBox.


23 November 2023

New website and graphic profile


New website

As you can see, we have launched a new website. This is a step in changing our appearance and renewing ourselves.

We also have, as you may have noticed, a new graphic profile. We have a new logo, new symbols and fonts.

We feel very satisfied and expectant about what you will think. We hope of course that you will adopt our new look and feel just like us, that it feels new, fresh, exciting and just right for the times, like our business idea.

27 October 2023

HonestBox begins collaboration with Shop on Wheels

HonestBox Shop on Wheels samarbete

New collaboration

We are happy to announce that HonestBox has entered into a partnership with Shop on Wheels.

Together, we will develop a new generation of unmanned stores that are both flexible and accessible to customers throughout Sweden. As part of the collaboration, HonestBox will deliver its technology and infrastructure to Shop on Wheels. This means that Shop on Wheels will be able to offer its customers a complete solution for starting and running an unmanned store.

More accessible and flexible trading
The partnership between HonestBox and Shop on Wheels will enable companies to set up unmanned stores in a more accessible and flexible way. Shop on Wheels will be able to offer its customers stores that can be located in various locations, such as construction sites, seasonal businesses, shopping center parking lots and public places.

A more sustainable future
Unmanned stores are a way to reduce the need for staff and thereby contribute to a more sustainable future. Through the collaboration with Shop on Wheels, we hope to contribute to making unmanned commerce more accessible to companies and customers throughout Sweden.

21 August 2023

Unmanned gas station opens in Sorsele

obemannad bensinmack

New customer in Sorsele

Now there is an unmanned gas station in Sorsele. The solution from HonestBox makes it easier as customers don’t have to travel 8 miles to get to the next petrol station.

Thank you SVT for drawing attention to one of our new customers. In the feature below, you see how Leon opens up the deli in Sorsele Municipality, which has been closed for a long time.

Features from SVT

We at HonestBox are so proud to be able to enable this type of service throughout Europe!

8 August 2023

SumUp – card terminal

SumUp kortterminal

Pay with a card terminal

HonestBox has support for integrating with SumUp and their card terminal Air. If you have an unmanned store or want to start up unmanned commerce, HonestBox solves the card payments with the help of e.g. SumUp. In addition to physical cards, of course you also get Apple Pay, Google Pay. Contact us for more info.

Zettle By Paypal

SumUp’s solution is very similar to the one previously called iZettle, now Zettle By Paypal. We, HonestBox, choose SumUp to handle card payments.

Get started with SumUp

You create an account with SumUp (Redemption Agreement). You do this via the following link: https://sumup.se/honestbox3/. Important to use this link to take advantage of our offer of 0.95% per transaction. After you click the link, click “Get started now” and create an account. Once you have created an account, follow the instructional steps that follow.

SumUp – more info

As technology constantly develops and changes our way of life, our relationship to money and payments has also undergone a transformation. Where physical coins and notes used to be the norm, now electronic transfers and mobile payments dominate. One company that has been at the forefront of this revolution is SumUp.

SumUp is a technology company that offers mobile payment solutions, and has in a short time become one of the leading players in this industry. Founded in 2012, the company has since expanded its presence to more than 30 countries and helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners accept card payments easily and smoothly.

The simplicity of SumUp

One of the biggest advantages of SumUp is its simplicity. The company offers a range of card readers that are easy to use, whether you are a small cafe owner, a freelancer or run a larger business. SumUp’s card reader is easily connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing business owners to receive payments wherever they are.

This means that business owners don’t have to worry about hidden fees or monthly fees – they only pay when they actually sell something.

In a digitized world, security is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to financial transactions. SumUp takes this very seriously and uses advanced technology to ensure that all transactions are protected. The company is PCI-DSS certified, which means it meets strict security requirements when it comes to handling customer data.

While SumUp’s primary focus is on offering mobile payment solutions, the company has also expanded its offering to include other services. For example, they offer an online payment system, which allows businesses to receive payments through their website or by sending a payment link directly to the customer. They have also launched SumUp Air, a lightweight card reader that works wirelessly and gives entrepreneurs even greater flexibility.

SumUp and flexibility

In an age where customers expect flexibility and agility, SumUp fills an important need. By offering simple, cost-effective and secure payment solutions, they have paved the way for small businesses to compete on equal terms with larger players. SumUp’s success lies not only in its technology, but also in its commitment to constantly innovate and put the customer’s needs at the center. Whether you’re a business owner looking for a solution to receive payments, or a customer who appreciates the convenience of mobile payments, SumUp is a company worth keeping an eye on.

24 July 2023

5 reasons why stores should upgrade to a hybrid store

HonestBox logotyp

Upgrade to hybrid store

  1. Lower costs: Hybrid stores require fewer employees than fully staffed stores, which can lead to big savings on wages, insurance and other costs.
  2. Increased flexibility: Hybrid stores can be open for longer hours, even during nights and weekends. This can increase sales and better meet customer needs.
  3. Better security: Hybrid stores are often equipped with surveillance systems and other security measures, which can reduce the risk of theft and other crimes.
  4. Better customer experiences: Hybrid stores can offer a more personalized and convenient shopping experience for customers, as they do not have to wait in lines, interact with staff for certain tasks, or adapt to the store’s staffed opening hours.

Overall, there are many benefits to upgrading your store to hybrid. These stores can lower costs, increase flexibility, improve security, simplify operations and offer better customer experiences.

1 July 2023

Sweden’s first unmanned store for pharmaceuticals and hygiene items

HonestBox varuautomat receptfria läkemedel

Sweden's smallest pharmacy?

Together with the Innovation Hub at ICA Gruppen and Apotek Hjärtat, we have developed Sweden’s first unmanned store, in the form of a vending machine, for pharmaceuticals and hygiene items.

HonestBox is the biggest in unmanned stores but we do so much more. Here is a taste of a project that is historic.
Together with the Innovation Hub at ICA Gruppen and Apotek Hjärtat, we have developed Sweden’s first unmanned vending machine for medicines and hygiene items.
We are responsible for the technology, both in terms of cash register systems but also with a secure identification process to ensure the person’s age.

You will find this machine outside at Ica Nära Resarö.

28 April 2023

For the first time in the world

Obemannad butik

Testing and ordering of passenger vehicles

Now opens for the first time in the world a store that offers testing and ordering of passenger vehicles completely without human assistance. This installation was done together with Securified Access by Corepart AB.

“We are very proud to be the first to test the concept and lead the industry into a new era,” says Peder Askerlund, Sales Manager NIU Technologies

Now we hope more industries will jump on the bandwagon with fully or partially staffed stores – Contact us and we’ll help you all the way!