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MyWay väljer obemannad handel

Owned by Privab Grossisterna AB and available all over the country

MyWay and Privab Grossisterna AB are two companies that operate in retail and wholesale trade. MyWay is a Swedish chain of stores that sells food, consumables and household products, while Privab Grossisterna AB is a wholesaler in the food industry that delivers to commercial kitchens and restaurants.

MyWay was founded in 2010 and today has several stores around Sweden. The company focuses on offering quality products at competitive prices and has a wide range of both own brands and well-known brands. The stores are often located in smaller communities where it can be difficult to find larger grocery stores, and MyWay has therefore become an important part of the local communities.

Privab Grossisterna AB was founded as early as 1958 and has since then been an important supplier to commercial kitchens and restaurants. Over the years, the company has developed a great deal of knowledge in the food industry and today offers a wide range of quality products to its customers. Privab Grossisterna AB is also known for its high level of service and for always putting the customer in focus.

Both MyWay and Privab Grossisterna AB thus have a strong position within their respective markets and focus on offering quality products to their customers. By putting the customer in focus and offering competitive prices, the companies have built up a loyal customer base.

MyWay and unmanned stores

MyWay has chosen to work with HonestBox when it comes to technical supplier for unmanned trade / unmanned stores and passage.

Today, a number of MyWay unmanned stores are operated with technology from HonestBox technology.