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Frendo väljer obemannad handel

A successful concept from Emab AB

Frendo, one of Sweden’s most famous and appreciated service store chains, has grown rapidly in recent years and established itself as an important player in the Swedish market. This article will provide an overview of Frendo, its history, concept and its role within Emab AB, as well as how they have managed to create a successful business model.

Background and history

Frendo was founded in 2010 and is part of the Swedish company Emab AB. Emab AB, which stands for Euro Marketing & Advertising Bureau, is a company that focuses on marketing, distribution and sales of brands and products. Frendo is part of Emab AB’s portfolio and has quickly become a strong player in the market thanks to its innovative concept and focus on customer satisfaction.

Frendo’s concept

Frendo has established itself as a service store chain that offers a wide range of products and services to meet customers’ needs. They focus on offering high quality products and services in areas such as petrol stations, food, fast food, kiosk, gaming and tobacco. Their business concept is to create a comfortable and pleasant environment where customers can find everything they need under one roof.

Frendo strives to constantly improve and develop its concept to be innovative and competitive in the market. This includes offering environmentally friendly and sustainable products, as well as using modern technology to improve the customer experience.

Frendo and Emab AB’s success

One of the main factors behind Frendo’s success is its strong connection to Emab AB. By being part of Emab AB’s portfolio, Frendo benefits from the company’s expertise in marketing and distribution. Emab AB’s long experience in managing and developing brands and products has helped Frendo to grow quickly and become a leading player on the Swedish market.

Emab AB’s support has also enabled Frendo to constantly develop its concept and improve the customer experience. By being part of Emab AB, Frendo has access to a wealth of resources and expertise that help them stay competitive and innovative in the market.