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Swish Handel

Swish Commerce

Swish Commerce is the “part” of Swish that is used by, for example, HonestBox and other systems to integrate with Swish. It must not be confused with Swish Företag, which is a simpler version of Swish.

Swish Commerce – apply to your bank

You get Swish Commerce from your bank. Note that it is Swish Commerce you should have – not Swish Company.

You state us, The Honest Box of Sweden AB (Honest Box, org no. 559208-0583, TL 9874807077), as the Bank’s Technical Supplier. Also state our number as the bank may need it: 9874807077.

You will receive a Swish number. This number must be entered in our system under “Our Settings”.

HonestBox does not charge anything for using Swish Commerce. It is included in our system for free.

Swish Commerce – Operating information

Go to Swish to check current operational status and also planned downtime.

Swish Status

Swish Commerce – Payment method of the future

In today’s digital era, technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our everyday lives and influencing the way we conduct transactions. A pioneering payment method that has revolutionized the payment landscape in Sweden is Swish Commerce. Through its speed, flexibility and security, Swish Commerce has become a popular payment solution for both private individuals and companies. This article aims to explain and describe what Swish Commerce is and how it works.

What is Swish Commerce?

Swish Commerce is a mobile-based payment service that was launched in Sweden in 2012. It is a collaborative project between major Swedish banks and mobile operators. The purpose of Swish Commerce was to offer users a fast and convenient payment method through their mobile devices. Since its launch, Swish Commerce has become incredibly popular and is used by millions of Swedes.

Hur fungerar Swish Commerce ?

For normal use, not the way HonestBox uses Swish Commerce: In order to use Swish Commerce, the user needs to download and install the Swish app on their smartphone. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, the user must link their mobile number to their bank account in order to complete transactions. This is done through an authentication process that verifies the user’s identity and bank details.

After the connection between mobile number and bank account is established, the user can start using Swish Commerce. To send money to someone else, the user needs the recipient’s mobile number. In the Swish app, there is a tab for “Send money” where the user can enter the recipient’s mobile number and the desired amount. After the user enters the amount, they confirm the payment using their personal Swish password or fingerprint (depending on the device’s capabilities). The money is immediately transferred from the user’s bank account to the recipient’s bank account. Both the sender and receiver receive a confirmation of the transaction and can see the money in their bank accounts.

Swish Commerce also offers the ability to request payments. If the user needs to get paid from someone, they can send a payment request through the Swish app. To do this, the user enters the recipient’s mobile number and the requested amount. The recipient receives a notification about the payment request and can approve it by entering their Swish password or using their fingerprint.

HonestBox uses Swish Commerce and integrates via their API to get a super smooth integrated payment solution.