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23 March 2023

How does self-scanning work?

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Self-scanning, also called “Scan and Go” or “Self-Checkout,” is a technology that allows customers to scan their own items in a store and pay for them without having to go through a traditional checkout. This saves time for both customers and store staff and provides a more efficient shopping experience. Self-scanning works as follows:

  1. Customers get access to a handheld scanner or a smartphone app when they enter the store. In some cases, stores can offer a scanner that is integrated with a shopping cart or basket.
  2. When customers pick up an item they want to buy, they scan the barcode on the item using the handheld scanner or the app. The information about the item, including the price, is stored in the scanner or app.
  3. If an item is missing a barcode or if there are any problems with scanning, customers can usually search for the item manually in the scanner or app and add it that way.
  4. When the customers are done with their shopping and have scanned all the goods, they go to a self-service checkout. Here, the information from the scanner or app is transferred to the cash register system.
  5. The customer checks that all goods have been added correctly and pays for the purchases, either by card, cash, or mobile payment.
  6. After payment, the customer receives a receipt, either in paper form or digitally, and can leave the store.

It is important to note that stores often have security measures in place to prevent theft and misuse of the self-scanning system. This may involve random checks of customers’ goods, surveillance cameras, and staff monitoring the self-service area.

HonestBox also provides self-scanning solutions. We then work with scan and go and with snabbkassa. And completely without the need to download an app first.