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29 May 2022

How do unmanned stores work in the city?

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Unmanned shops in town

Unmanned stores, also called automated stores, are stores that do not have staff present to assist customers and manage sales. Instead, technology, such as automated teller machines and cameras, is used to manage the transactions and monitor the store.

To shop in an unmanned store in town, consumers can usually follow the following steps:

  • The consumer scans a QR code or uses an app to open the door to the store.
  • The consumer selects the products they want to buy and puts them in a shopping basket or a box.
  • When the consumer is done with their shopping list, they use a card reader or another payment method to pay for their products.
  • When the payment is completed, the door to the store opens and the consumer can leave the store with their goods.

Unmanned stores can be open 24/7 and offer a wide range of products, including food, clothing and electronics. They can also be a good option for consumers who want to shop quickly and easily without having to interact with staff.