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27 October 2023

HonestBox begins collaboration with Shop on Wheels

HonestBox Shop on Wheels samarbete

New collaboration

We are happy to announce that HonestBox has entered into a partnership with Shop on Wheels.

Together, we will develop a new generation of unmanned stores that are both flexible and accessible to customers throughout Sweden. As part of the collaboration, HonestBox will deliver its technology and infrastructure to Shop on Wheels. This means that Shop on Wheels will be able to offer its customers a complete solution for starting and running an unmanned store.

More accessible and flexible trading
The partnership between HonestBox and Shop on Wheels will enable companies to set up unmanned stores in a more accessible and flexible way. Shop on Wheels will be able to offer its customers stores that can be located in various locations, such as construction sites, seasonal businesses, shopping center parking lots and public places.

A more sustainable future
Unmanned stores are a way to reduce the need for staff and thereby contribute to a more sustainable future. Through the collaboration with Shop on Wheels, we hope to contribute to making unmanned commerce more accessible to companies and customers throughout Sweden.