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HonestBox is taking the US by storm

13 April 2024

HonestBox is taking the US by storm

10 stores and another 50-100 in sight during 2024

Stockholm, April 11, 2024 – The Swedish technology company for unmanned stores HonestBox is expanding strongly in the United States. With 10 new stores in operation and monthly growth, the future looks bright.

“The market in the US is huge, and HonestBox’s technology seems to be something that store owners in the US can really enjoy. We believe in a growth of 50-100 stores in the US in 2024,” says CEO Magnus Berglund.

HonestBox’s concept is simple: The customer uses his mobile phone to identify himself with one of HonestBox’s identification solutions. The customer then unlocks stores and stores via their mobile phone or in an ATM. Payment takes place via the selected payment solution, e.g. with the customer’s mobile phone or through a card reader. The system contains functions that make it possible to control who comes in and out. This model has proven popular with customers in Sweden, and now HonestBox is looking forward to taking its success to the US.

“We are convinced that HonestBox can revolutionize the way people shop in the US. Our technology is easy to use, practical and efficient,” says CEO Magnus Berglund.

HonestBox’s expansion to the USA is clear proof that HonestBox is a force to be reckoned with in the global retail trade.


Magnus Berglund, CEO


19 January 2024

Transiro and HonestBox begin strategic collaboration


Strategic collaboration to reform unmanned store systems

Transiro, one of the leading suppliers of business systems in iron, paint and the construction trade with Kassanova, signs a strategic cooperation agreement with HonestBox, a leading player in Europe in unmanned store systems with 600 customers in 7 countries. This partnership aims to create a seamless integration of Transiro’s business system Kassanova with HonestBox’s innovative solutions. This
enables a fully integrated system and opens up new markets.

Unmanned stores have become a necessity to be able to offer services at the countryside and has also proven to be a competitive advantage in today’s world dynamic market. By reducing the need for personnel for cash transactions and store monitoring enable unmanned stores significant cost savings, primarily through reduced salary costs, but also increased service at the consumer level.

The benefits of unmanned stores range from the ability to offer round-the-clock sales without the need for staff, to satisfy customers’ wishes to shop outside regular opening hours. Unmanned stores, equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, minimizes the risk of theft and fraud, which creates a safe shopping environment for customers.

With this collaboration between Transiro and HonestBox, Transiro will be in at the forefront of tomorrow’s cash system development. Transiro and HonestBox will deliver a unified solution for hybrid stores that are partially unmanned and for completely unmanned stores. For traders, this means increased flexibility and opportunity to offer a better service to customers. Through the integration with HonestBox will Transiro broaden its product range and attract new customers within several markets and improve the offer to existing ones.

For further information about this collaboration, please contact:

Magnus Berglund, CEO HonestBox
E-mail: magnus@honestbox.se

Johan Eriksson, CEO Transiro
Email: johan.eriksson@transiro.com

About Transiro
Transiro is a leading supplier of innovative business systems and offers powerful solutions to meet business needs. With its flagship, Kassanova, Transiro strives to drive the future business operations through smart and user-friendly systems.

About Honestbox
Honestbox is a prominent player in the development of unmanned store solutions with its 600 customers in 7 countries. With a focus on security, efficiency and customer experience, Honestbox offers innovative systems that enable smooth and safe transactions in unmanned store environments.

29 December 2023

Direkten chooses HonestBox as a technical supplier for self-scanning and unmanned stores

Direkten väljer HonestBox som teknisk leverantör för självscanning och obemannad handel

Direkten choose HonestBox

Direkten, one of the Nordics’ largest convenience store chains, has chosen HonestBox as its technical supplier for self-scanning and unmanned commerce. HonestBox is one of Europe’s leading platforms for unmanned commerce and offers a complete solution that includes both hardware and software.

The goal is for all Direkten stores to offer unmanned trading in some form. HonestBox solutions will enable Direkten to offer its customers a more convenient and efficient shopping experience in various forms.

“We are very pleased to have chosen HonestBox as our technology provider for unmanned commerce,” says Richard Björkman, business development manager at Direkten. “HonestBox solutions are advanced and robust, and they offer a high level of security. We are confident that this collaboration will help us increase the profitability of our stores and future-proof our business.”

“Direkten is a leading player in the convenience industry,” says Magnus Berglund, CEO and owner of HonestBox. “We are very proud to have gained their trust. This collaboration is proof that we are doing something right.”

About Direkten

Direkten is one of the Nordics’ largest convenience store chains. The chain has around 300 stores in Sweden. Direkten offers a wide range of products, including food, drinks, tobacco, hygiene items and newspapers.


Direktbutikerna Scandinavia AB
Richard Björkman – business development manager at Direkten
Email: Richard.bjorkman@direkten.se
Tel: 070-686 33 13

The Honest Box of Sweden AB
Magnus Berglund – CEO
Email: Magnus@honestbox.se
Tel: 070-720 04 58

24 November 2023

An opportunity for existing cash providers to grow

Säkerhet och uppföljning

For existing checkout providers, cooperation with HonestBox can mean a number of advantages

HonestBox is a leading supplier of software and hardware for hybrid stores. We offer a scalable and secure solution that can be adapted to different sizes and types of stores.

For existing checkout providers, cooperation with HonestBox can mean a number of advantages, including:

  • Expand your product portfolio: HonestBox offers a scalable and flexible solution that can be adapted to different sizes and types of stores. This allows checkout providers to offer their customers a more complete solution.
  • Drive development within the industry: HonestBox is an innovative player that drives development within hybrid stores. Through a collaboration with us, checkout providers can be at the forefront of development and offer their customers the latest solutions.
  • Retain your customer longer: Hybrid stores are a growing trend. By offering solutions for these stores, POS providers can retain their customers, increase their market share resulting in increased revenue.

Here are some specific examples of how HonestBox can help existing checkout providers expand their product portfolio:

  • HonestBox can offer a plug-and-play solution that is easy to integrate.
    This allows checkout providers to offer their customers a complete solution without having to invest time and money in development.
  • HonestBox can offer a solution that is adapted to different sizes and types of stores. This allows checkout providers to reach out to a wider customer base.
  • HonestBox can offer a solution that is scalable and flexible. This allows checkout providers to meet the demand from their customers and grow their business.


If you are an existing checkout provider who would like to know more about how HonestBox can help you, please contact us.

23 March 2023

How does self-scanning work?

HonestBox logotyp


Self-scanning, also called “Scan and Go” or “Self-Checkout,” is a technology that allows customers to scan their own items in a store and pay for them without having to go through a traditional checkout. This saves time for both customers and store staff and provides a more efficient shopping experience. Self-scanning works as follows:

  1. Customers get access to a handheld scanner or a smartphone app when they enter the store. In some cases, stores can offer a scanner that is integrated with a shopping cart or basket.
  2. When customers pick up an item they want to buy, they scan the barcode on the item using the handheld scanner or the app. The information about the item, including the price, is stored in the scanner or app.
  3. If an item is missing a barcode or if there are any problems with scanning, customers can usually search for the item manually in the scanner or app and add it that way.
  4. When the customers are done with their shopping and have scanned all the goods, they go to a self-service checkout. Here, the information from the scanner or app is transferred to the cash register system.
  5. The customer checks that all goods have been added correctly and pays for the purchases, either by card, cash, or mobile payment.
  6. After payment, the customer receives a receipt, either in paper form or digitally, and can leave the store.

It is important to note that stores often have security measures in place to prevent theft and misuse of the self-scanning system. This may involve random checks of customers’ goods, surveillance cameras, and staff monitoring the self-service area.

HonestBox also provides self-scanning solutions. We then work with scan and go and with snabbkassa. And completely without the need to download an app first.

14 March 2023

HonestBox supplies technology to Corepart

Corepart logotyp

HonestBox supplies technology to Corepart

What an extremely good exchange we have had together with Corepart AB and Nordic LEVEL Group AB (publ). Now we can provide our customers with a complete solution to convert their store to fully or partially unmanned.

“In the last four months, Securified Access has signed 50 new customer agreements. At the same time, we are in the final phase of signing several nationwide framework agreements in security with the relevant store chains – says Araz Barthelson Bahdjat< /a> Business Area Manager Securified Access”

29 May 2022

How do unmanned stores work in the city?

HonestBox logotyp

Unmanned shops in town

1 April 2022

Advantages of unmanned commerce in rural areas

Gårdsbutik med obemannad handel

Advantages of unmanned commerce in rural areas

Unmanned trading, also called automated trading or machine trading, means that there is no human interaction in the buying or selling process. Instead, machines, such as vending machines, are used to allow customers to purchase products in a self-service manner.

Unmanned trading can have a number of advantages, especially in rural areas where it can be difficult to find staff to run a trade. Then it is advantageous to set up an unmanned store or hybrid shop. Some of these benefits may be:

  • Lower staff costs: As no human interaction is required, unmanned retail can be a more cost-effective solution than a traditional shop with staff.
  • Increased accessibility factor: Unmanned trade can be open 24/7, which can be helpful for customers living in rural areas who may not be able to shop during traditional opening hours.
  • Reduced risk of crime: As unmanned commerce requires no human interaction, it reduces the risk of robbery and other crimes.
  • Opportunity to offer a greater range of products: By using unmanned commerce, one can offer a greater amount of products than would be possible with a manned store.
  • Ability to reach a wider customer base: Unmanned retail can be a good way to reach a wider customer base, including people who live in rural areas but do not have the opportunity to shop during traditional opening hours.