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Transiro and HonestBox begin strategic collaboration

19 January 2024

Transiro and HonestBox begin strategic collaboration


Strategic collaboration to reform unmanned store systems

Transiro, one of the leading suppliers of business systems in iron, paint and the construction trade with Kassanova, signs a strategic cooperation agreement with HonestBox, a leading player in Europe in unmanned store systems with 600 customers in 7 countries. This partnership aims to create a seamless integration of Transiro’s business system Kassanova with HonestBox’s innovative solutions. This
enables a fully integrated system and opens up new markets.

Unmanned stores have become a necessity to be able to offer services at the countryside and has also proven to be a competitive advantage in today’s world dynamic market. By reducing the need for personnel for cash transactions and store monitoring enable unmanned stores significant cost savings, primarily through reduced salary costs, but also increased service at the consumer level.

The benefits of unmanned stores range from the ability to offer round-the-clock sales without the need for staff, to satisfy customers’ wishes to shop outside regular opening hours. Unmanned stores, equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, minimizes the risk of theft and fraud, which creates a safe shopping environment for customers.

With this collaboration between Transiro and HonestBox, Transiro will be in at the forefront of tomorrow’s cash system development. Transiro and HonestBox will deliver a unified solution for hybrid stores that are partially unmanned and for completely unmanned stores. For traders, this means increased flexibility and opportunity to offer a better service to customers. Through the integration with HonestBox will Transiro broaden its product range and attract new customers within several markets and improve the offer to existing ones.

For further information about this collaboration, please contact:

Magnus Berglund, CEO HonestBox
E-mail: magnus@honestbox.se

Johan Eriksson, CEO Transiro
Email: johan.eriksson@transiro.com

About Transiro
Transiro is a leading supplier of innovative business systems and offers powerful solutions to meet business needs. With its flagship, Kassanova, Transiro strives to drive the future business operations through smart and user-friendly systems.

About Honestbox
Honestbox is a prominent player in the development of unmanned store solutions with its 600 customers in 7 countries. With a focus on security, efficiency and customer experience, Honestbox offers innovative systems that enable smooth and safe transactions in unmanned store environments.